#1 FUD Crypter 2017

Your files will now have much more long time FUD.


Amazing Features at Low Price

ExterByte Crypter is one of the best crypter of all time. It is widely used by professionals.

Runtime & Scantime FUD

ExterByte crypter can easily bypass all major antiviruses on scantime and runtime. Our back-end team works very hard to keep our crypter always FUD.


If your Remote Admin Tool does not support Mutex by default. You don't have to worrry anymore. You can easily enable it in ExterByte Crypter. It works really very great.

.NET & Native Support

ExterByte Crypter can easily work with all major .NET and Native Remote Admin Tools and other softwares.

Custom Icon

Do you like any special icon? You can use it with our crypter without any problem.

Strong Persistence

Our crypter has one of the most strongest persistence in the market. It makes it literally impossible for your clients to remove your server.

Quality Support

We have one of the best customer support. We do not forget our customers after they purchase our crypter. We have special team which is always ready to help you!

Bypassing UAC

Do you need a crypter which can bypass UAC? Well you don't need to look any further. Our crypter can easily bypass UAC.

Regular updates

We send new updates almost every other single day. To improve more and more quality of our product.

Why you should purchase ExterByte Crypter?

ExterByte Crypter is being used by top security professionals around the globe.

ExterByte Crypter is a next generation advance crypting software. This software is designed by team of professionals with aim to provide high quality crypter software at low price. Our Crypter is widely being used by security professionals, researchers and developers. Our crypter supports both Native and .NET files We also have bunch of other amazing features. We never forget our customers. We have special support team which is always there to help you any moment you need them.


What are you waiting for?

What People Say About Us

We never forget our customers. Their feedback is always very important for us.


Always FUD!

I was speaking to an assistant of yours through live chat where I had some questions that required answering, regarding the FUD Crypter detection and compatibility. With the speedy replies, I didn’t pause further and decided to purchase the crypter, with minimal messing around, the crypter was easy to work with but the results outputted some false anti-virus positives. I then sent an email and within a few hours, the crypter automatically updated – this time around there were no false antivirus positives.

Sara Glaser


Very happy with ExterByte

I purchased this crypter, with the intention of protecting my newly released software. After buying the crypter, I received an email with further instructions. I followed the instructions and did what was required, within the timeframe of 10 minutes, I received an activation email. I had further questions to ask and all my emails were answered in a thoughtful manner. All I can say is that I have been satisfied so far and not let down! Thank you for providing this great service.

John Smith


Excellence Crypter

I have used a variety of crypters before, some were broken and some did not even get my software undetected from false positives. I am glad that I found your crypter, I cannot describe to you how happy I am right now, the interface is easy to use, the basic/advanced features are working and your crypter un-detection results are always consistent as promised. I will be sure recommending other software developers to you, please keep up with this great service!

Robert Smith